Republican Educator for Paul Sadler

In my opinion, anyone in Texas who is a devout supporter of public education should support Paul Sadler for the U.S. Senate.  Although Ted Cruz’s win over David Dewhurst for the Republican nomination was impressive, Paul Sadler knows public education and has an extensive track record of support for public education. Paul Sadler DOES NOT support a school voucher program that would transfer public funds to private schools. Amen!

I’ve only heard Mr. Sadler speak once but I do know his work in the Texas legislature on public educational issues quite well. Mr. Sadler, as chair of the House Education Committee rewrote the entire Texas Education Code in 1995 (Ratliff-Sadler Act) and helped create a more safe working and learning environment for teachers and students. That year, 1995, was my first as a high school principal in rural East Texas. If you’ve ever heard of DAEPs (Discipline Alternative Equation Programs), student code of conducts, the ability for a teacher to remove a disruptive student from her classroom, and mandatory expulsion for serious offenses, then you know of Paul Sadler’s work. That’s the Ratliff-Sadler Act of 1995.

As a classroom teacher from 1982 to 1995, I worked under the previous education code that allowed judges to sentence gang members back to school while awaiting trial for murder. (See Here) Before the Ratliff-Sadler Act, there was a limit on the number of days a disruptive student could be removed from the classrooms. Paul Sadler changed that. Paul Sadler believes in local control for public education and that the best decisions for a child’s education are made closest to that child; a conviction that my party, the Republican Party, once believed in and abide by. Mr. Sadler stated that the federal government’s involvement in public education should be in identifying best practices for teaching and learning and he never supported the concept and implementation of NCLB (No Child Left Behind) from Washington DC.

Today, teachers in Texas have a health insurance program that we know as TRSActive Care. Guess who wrote it. Yep…Paul Sadler! I was actually a member of the TRSActive Care Plan Design Team that met in Austin. Those that don’t know a time before TRSActive Care might not understand the problems that smaller school districts faced in having to bid out and change insurance companies annually and the many problems associated with having to find new health care providers and meeting new deductibles every year. A teacher can now take a job in a different school district and keep their current insurance plan. Heck, today spouses who are educators in different districts can coordinate their health insurance coverage thanks to Paul Sadler.

I’m a professional educator and for that reason I VOTE EDUCATION FIRST.  Paul Sadler is a proven statesman who conservative Republican educators like me can trust and should support.


About ourschoolsblog

Rickey Williams is the author of this blog and began his career in public education in 1982. He has a deep respect for educators and the mission of public education. The author earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in Educational Administration. As an adjunct, he teaches graduate level courses to aspiring campus principals. His public education experience includes teaching math and coaching to secondary students (6-12), leading campuses as the high school principal, and leading districts as the superintendent. Foundational beliefs about public education include: Students and staff must feel safe and valued while in school. Educators and parents who promote and value an education enhance a child’s education. Students must be given the opportunity to reach their academic and social potential through high expectations, sound curriculum, and differentiated instruction. Enthusiastic educators have a passion for teaching and continuous professional growth. All district employees will be examples of professional and ethical conduct and will promote and enhance a positive and collaborative school climate.
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